Name’s Mitch.

Hi there, I’m Mitch Fodstad. (People call me Fod.)

Where I’m from.

Aside from a couple years spent in Arizona, I mostly grew up in Maple Grove, MN. (It’s a suburb about 15 miles northwest of Minneapolis.)

Midwest to Manhattan.

These days, I’m a junior copywriter at BCW Global in New York, NY.

I typically gravitate toward people “different” from me, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience a new culture.

Feel free to give me a shout if you’re in the greater NYC area — always down to meet new, interesting people.

Five things.

All sorts of things fascinate me. Jellyfish. Typography. Stock market trends. Bot culture. Deep sea exploration. You know, things of that nature. But in most cases, it ebbs and flows. Five things remain constant, however.

Aside from family, friends, water, and creating — these five things hold a special place in my heart (in no particular order): Peanut butter. A good podcast. Classical music. The Minnesota Vikings. Yellow.

It’s 2018. Do people still look at resumés?

Yeah, probably. Here’s my resumé.

Keep in touch.

Hey, thanks for stopping by my internet home — you’re always welcome to come back. In the meantime, you can find me here: TwitterLinkedInMedium.