(SPEC) Video concept for a Nike ad targeting a young consumer audience. It’s designed to inspire kids to chase their athletic dreams — while sporting Nike gear, of course.

We're all a kid from somewhere.

Here’s my vision for the full video.

Each slide represents a short scene, where an athlete is portrayed by an actor playing his/her respective sport as a child. Thereafter, each scene cuts to footage of the athlete today. For example, imagine a child playing soccer in an urban setting — he dribbles the ball downfield, and once he starts to kick the ball towards the goal, the video cuts to Neymar scoring as a professional. (Crowd goes wild.)


If multiple athletes are featured in a particular spot, then each scene needs to be condensed. Otherwise, TV spots can feature the full version of a single athlete scene — this enables Nike to tailor each unique version according to athlete popularity in each unique market.


Nike can publish a long-form version on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.